Selfless Giving: The way of Life.


Most people in this world help those who help them, value those who value them and call on those who call them. This is how most people think in this world. It’s a mutually beneficial way to live.

When I ponder the various relationships in my life, I see that the people I’ve gone to great lengths to help are those who I didn’t believe would go to similar lengths for me. I also noticed that the people who have gone to great lengths on my behalf are those for whom I’m unable to return the favor. To me, this illustrated the web of interdependent relationships I have with others and how mutual benefit isn’t always the motivation for being kind to others. 

When we set our hearts unto the path of selflessness, we realize that the best of life is found through giving selflessly unto others. We recognize that we are supposed to sacrifice to those who are unable to repay in kind. We are meant to spread the fragrance of selflessness unto all because being selfless is the best way of life.

Here’s an analogy we should all ponder. The earth we stand on supports us, our creations, and our lives. Plants develop fruits to feed animals and not themselves. The earth cannot refuse to sustain life even if we pollute the earth and treat it badly because supporting life is what the earth is meant to do. There’s nothing we can do to repay the earth in kind. We also can’t repay in kind to all other forms of nature that have decided to do what they are supposed to do, to support life — giving selflessly in order to benefit others. 

Everyone has a role to play, and often it’s towards those who can’t repay. The nature of the ego is selfishness. The inherent nature of this world is selflessness. Everything we can observe that lacks intrinsic consciousness of the ego in this universe selflessly exists for others. The ego wants to live for itself, and all the ego’s actions are intended to benefit itself. Being selfless is to live for others, and all actions work to benefit others. Selfless living doesn’t have to be hard work. We are just doing what we are always meant to do outside the influence of the ego.

Selfless life entails giving our best to everyone and especially to those unable to pay us back. When we do so, others we are unable to repay will do the same for us. If we reflect further, we’ll realize that selfless giving has been around a long time, and we are late in realizing this truth. Life is not supposed to be a like-kind exchange, but rather selfless giving so that another person, life, or created thing can enjoy the benefits. If we meditate on the goodness of all living things, we’ll realize that we wouldn’t be here without someone else going to great lengths on our behalf. Our very existence relies on the selfless giving of other beings.