Floating testimonials on the spiritual benefits


“My first session in a float tank was pretty trippy. Once the door closed I had a mini-panic claustrophobic attack (and I don’t really suffer from claustrophobia), because I couldn’t see anything and couldn’t figure out how to get back out again. Once I found the door handle, I hung on to it as my little reality check, while my body got used to the idea that there was absolutely no way to sink. The water’s so supersaturated with Epsom salts, even if you push a leg or arm under the water (all 10 inches of it), it’ll just bob back up. In fact, certain muscles in my stomach and neck got sore because I was straining them trying to “sink” out of the belief that I was supposed to. Eventually, I got over it and just let the water completely support me. Some neck and shoulder muscles that literally have not relaxed in months (even with a body worker’s expert coaxing) were able to release some tension After a while I was able to relax and just enjoy the experience started staring out through my third eye, etc. The sensation of water against my skin went completely away. I felt like I was floating in space. Since I’m used to doing Buddhist meditation, I started running mantra. A couple times my body went to sleep and my mind stayed awake, continuing the mantra. A marvelous trip to inner space!




There is this certain confidence that didn’t feel superficial at all that came from the float experience. I also felt beautiful afterwards, as corny as that sounds, but how often do we ever get that true sense of ourselves? I feel like it opens up your mind to the higher self…Is it possible that the float experience gives one a sense of peace, which affects the decision making process?



“I’m ready for another round… This is the quickest route to a lucid-dream state i’ve ever experienced… A truly effortless means to meditative space, super easy to let-go… wow. i’ve been looking forward to a float experience for a long time, not really knowing what to expect, and this definitely surpassed any expectations. Highly recommend it for any/everybody, but especially for those who want to explore their inner landscape a little more deeply. “



Many thanks for the wonderful introduction to floating this weekend. I am especially surprised at how long the effects last. My body seems to hold the memory of complete support and surrender that one encounters inside the tank, and so I find myself melting rather than grabbing when obstacles and difficulties arise – which is a much more pleasant and productive way to be in the world. I look forward to future floats, as I suspect there is more richness to the experience to encounter ahead. “



I couldn’t possibly put into words what this experience was like. Amazing doesn’t really sum it up. It was peaceful, relaxing, invigorating, enlightening all rolled up into one amazing 90 minutes. The best part of this was that the feeling of lightness and peace lasted the entire night and into the next day!


Both my husband and I floated, a first for us both. We would do it again and again and again. It was a great place to experience and the folks there were so very Zen. The tea before and after was very good as well.

Jay S

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