Floating improves problem solving


Problems are unresolvable situations where previous problem-solving methods fail. In such circumstances, the mind often falls into a repetitive loop where the same failed solution presents itself over and over again.

Problem-solving is a creative endeavor requiring you to craft a new solution. Floating and meditation open the creative mind and allow intuition to guide you to potential new solutions. The analytical brain can evaluate these solutions and implement to correct strategy. Floating facilitates this process and steers people away from mental traps that drag out problem-solving.

Psychologists found that, after only a few weeks of training, volunteers who learned “mindfulness practice” were better at switching strategies for problem-solving than volunteers who were not taught the technique. If you are trapped in a repeating pattern that fails to resolve important problems in your life, floating may help you break through the conceptual blocks holding you back.

Floating helps people steer clear of rigid, myopic thinking and encourages creative insights.

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