A Santa Monica Tech Startup Has “Hacked” Meditation


Floating is one of a group of technologies used to create specific mental states. While biohacking may be a fad, some of these technologies may provide real benefits, and they may stick around.

From LA Magazine:

The propagation of Upgrade Labs is part of a mission, according to CEO Martin Tobias, to bring the wellness-boosting fringe tech employed by pro athletes and the ultrarich to the (relatively affluent) masses. At $50 a pop for an individual hack or five grand for a curated “stack” of therapies, options include atmospheric cell training, pulsed electromagnetic field pick-me-ups, cryotherapy, and vitamin cocktails designed for injection straight into your veins. …

Of all the treatments, though, the lab’s waterless virtual float tank is perhaps the most intriguing. Word on the street is that the contraption stimulates relaxation and creative drive by, essentially, syncing your brain waves. The eyeshade is fitted with pulsing LEDs that blast white light through your closed eyelids. The headphones pump out binaural beats. The whole experience begins as sensory overload, but, for some at least, it eases into a profoundly relaxing, mentally rejuvenating trip. (If you talk to the folks at Upgrade Labs for any amount of time, you’ll likely hear the story of a person who emerged from the pod in tears, claiming to have encountered God.) All this occurs because, purportedly, the rhythms of light and sound bombarding your sensory organs are specifically attuned to encourage one elusive thing: the production of theta waves in your brain.

Interesting stuff. Go toLA Magazine to read more.


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