Is Honesty the best policy?


I saw a meme recently on my Facebook timeline where an interviewer asked the prospective applicant if he believes that honesty is the best policy to which he answered yes. He was further asked to tell them honestly what his weakness is, which he responded genuinely as big breast. That’s not where I’m going, but I saw myself in a similar situation and pondered; is honesty truly the best policy? To which I answered not necessarily so.

Before you jump into unnecessary conclusions, kindly allow me to explain for a little bit. We have fat people as well as slender looking people. If I were to compliment someone whose body composition is overweight and I called him or her a fat person. I am honest as it’s quite clear for all to see. However, the media has painted a picture of the fact that slender and fit people are gems and should be the norm in society. Such a person may feel bad, and may because of my honesty harbor ill feelings towards me, and I am only honest. Honesty in this scenario has created a wedge between such a person and me which isn’t what I wanted.

However, if I told such a person that God wonderfully and fearfully made you, and that they are not their body, they live in the body for a little while, and sooner or later, we would all die, and our real self will be all that remains. Now, I am not “honest” with such a person about the shape of their body, but I am truthful to them, especially about who they are. This words most probably will win more friends than enemies, unite rather than divide, and offer a better perspective of the internal rather than the external.

So, what then is the best policy? I’m inclined to say the truth, but again, I have to refrain from doing that because the “truth” is relative. There’s only one truth says Joseph Campbell, but we sages speak of it by many names. What constitutes a truth to me may not necessarily be considered truth to others. Hence, I have to be careful with saying “truth” is the best policy even though it is. But sadly, how we all interpret the truth differs, which inadvertently taints the sanctity and purity of the one truth.

What then would I say is the best policy? Is it honesty, or truth or what? I’m inclined to go with wisdom. Being wise is different from being cunning. And in this regards, I’m ascribing the word wisdom to a person with the Spirit of God. We have a lot of cunning people in this world who uses their smartness for their selfish gain. But when we have our heart in the right place and seek the good of all people and not just our own, we can rightly apply wisdom to unite and not cause divisions.

Hence wisdom that is bathed in Love, and Christ (the one truth) is priceless. Or maybe there’s no single best policy, and the best policy is a combination of all good virtues which inadvertently is found in God alone. So, God personified, or Christ personified is the best anyone can be in this world. 

We all should seek for unity and love, and not create further divisions among all people. There’s more than enough hatred in the world; let ‘s not add to them. Let’s build each other in love, admonish each other to be a better version of who we are, and above all, to come into the fullness and awareness of who they really are for that’s where true liberty, peace, and joy reside.