Going in the opposite direction


Jonah 1: 3a: “But Jonah ran away from the Lord and headed for Tarshish.”

When I was a child, God gave me a vision concerning his choice of University for me. I held onto that vision. When it was time to trust in God’s word concerning my life, I went the other way because I never thought I deserved to be in such a prestigious University. I ended up choosing a less prestigious University where I gained an admission nearly effortlessly.

After about two months into my studies; God confirmed his word. He proved himself faithful even though my trust in Him faltered.

I paid the price for my disobedience in wasted finances which caused me some hardship when I did got back on track but I was glad I found my way back to where I ought to be.

In retrospect, God’s plan is indeed the best. When we choose to obey, it’s for our good, and I’m grateful for who I am today because I followed God’s plan.


Jonah is an interesting character in the bible. His story is well known across Christianity, and even kids have at one point or the other learned lessons from the book of Jonah.

God asked Jonah to go to Nineveh and cry out against the city, but Jonah chose to go the opposite direction, away from the presence of God unto Tarshish.

He knew where he was supposed to be, and where God’s presence was.

He knew what God was asking him to do. There was no error in communication. He heard the instruction correctly.

He still chose to go the opposite direction despite all this.

Choosing the wrong Path

I noticed that this is how most of us behave today. We know what we are supposed to do, what the right is, but most often than not, we choose to go the opposite direction. Most of the time, we know that what we are doing is not what we are supposed to be doing, but we continue to do it because it brings us temporary relief or satisfaction.

Let’s imagine those that are struggling with dangerous addictions. They know that the path they are taking could one day lead to disastrous consequences, yet they indulge in that which they do.

Why are we wired in such a way that we most of the time choose temporary satisfactions instead of just doing that which is right?

Why do we go the opposite direction when we know the right thing to do?

It’s easy to go the opposite direction, and we need a certain level of faith to do that which is right.


The bible also recorded about Abraham in Heb. 11:8 that Abraham obeyed God’s call by Faith even though he didn’t know the full details.

We know from the history books that Abraham’s obedience to what God has said brought not just tremendous benefits to him and his family, but also ushered in blessings for the whole of humanity.

When we choose to do the right thing, it doesn’t always bring in immediate results, but we can rest in the assurance that the path we are on will lead us to blessings, joy, and peace. And the blessings of obedience isn’t always meant for us, but for generations yet unborn.

Faith in the Path

I find myself on this same path recently. People close to me are actively looking for ways to make more money. Lots of people are actively chasing all the supposedly good things in this word. We desire all the good things in life, as do I. But the question is this, should this be our focus?

I know that the right path is to thread on the course I’ve never waked before; The path of faith. I know in my heart that the right path for me now is to keep on learning and to document that which I’ve learned and will still learn about life, Spirituality, and the truth that all may benefit. I know that the journey may be a little bit rough, but the knowledge of the fact that I’m doing that which is right excites me and keeps me grounded.

I’ve decided to not go in the opposite direction but rather to stay the course and trust in God to lead my partner and me to the “promised land.” I’m not even sure if there is a promised land. That does not motivate me. I’m driven by the fact that this path is noble and will benefit humanity. And perhaps, all our efforts are meant for just one person, that’s still okay by me.

Do you find yourself in a similar situation like that of Jonah or Abraham?

Have you decided to go the opposite direction even though you know that it’s the wrong direction?

I know that it’s not always easy to do what’s right especially when the stakes of doing the right thing is higher than we could have imagined. But I encourage you today to stick to that which you know is right and have hope that everything will be alright.

~Beacon of Hope.