What does it mean to accept Christ?


Accepting Christ in it’s simplest term can be likened to the planting of the seed of God within you. 

Most Agriculturist knows that weeds grow effortlessly on lands. The lands don’t need anyone to bear the seeds of weeds on it, and they find expression automatically. However, a farmer has other plans for the land. He may want to reclaim the land for his millet plantation, or maize, or any other crop plant he plans to grow on the land. Hence, he plants the seed of his desired crop. 

After the seed is planted, he cannot afford to leave the seed unattended. There’s a need to continually clear the lands of the weeds that don’t struggle to grow on it so as to give his seed a fighting chance. If he leaves the field unattended to, the seed he planted will most probably die. However, with constant weeding of the land, the seeds blossom, and produces the desired fruit on that same land — Christ: The Seed of God. 

Paul talks about the fruit of the Flesh as well as the fruits of the Spirit in Gal. 5:18-22. Let’s imagine our flesh (the flesh is used to describe this mainly in Christianity) as the land. Although we can further imagine our mind/body like a land. Our self-cherishing mind, in association with our body, does not struggle to produce the fruits of what the Bible calls the flesh. They are lies, deception, etc. We don’t struggle to produce these fruits, because our body, our mind is a land that automatically produces non-virtuous behaviors. Our ego doesn’t struggle to bear the fruits because we have a body/land that automatically bears these fruits effortlessly.

Our minds/body, to a great extent, is a neutral field. Although our self-cherishing nature has made this viable land, it’s home. We don’t struggle to produce the fruits of our self-cherishing mind.

When a person accepts Jesus Christ as his or her personal Lord and Savior, a new seed of God is planted into their life. Accepting Christ means we accept a new seed into the field of our lives. And remember, the ego has already made the mind/body it’s home.

It’s synonymous to a farmer planting a new seed unto a land. Remember that the seed planted is foreign to the natural development of the land, and what makes it alien is the fact that our self-cherishing consciousness as made the mind and body it’s home. Any seed can, of course, be sustained, nurtured, and thrive on the land. It’s just that the seeds of the weeds have made the land it’s home and hence, they’ve become one with the land. But the truth is that the Land is neutral. It can support anything. 

The new seed of God that has been planted has all the potentials to become God. It has all the potentials to produce the fruits of God, nature, and life of God in the field of our hearts/life. However, for it to do that, the seeds need to be cultivated. The weeds need to be dealth with. Farmers usually plant cover crops to prevent weeds from growing. Sometimes, what we need to do is to plant lots of cover crops to prevent the seeds of the ego from nurturing, so that we give the seed of God a fighting chance. It takes time, and effort to do, but if we are truly serious about developing the fruits of God, and becoming like Christ, and being an embodiment of the essence of God in our lives, we need to put in the effort.

How do we weed our land?
We do so, through meditations, prayers, taking heed to the truth, planting cover crops to suppress the growth of the weeds, etc. Some of the cover crops we can plant is being in an environment that doesn’t allow the growth and development of the fruits of the flesh such as belonging to the right community, as well as living in the right neighborhood, etc. Cover crops help take cares of weeds better, but some may not have the luxury of cover crops, and hence, a need to attack the weeds in a more rigorous and usually expensive way. The goal is to suppress the weeds so that the seed of God can thrive and flourish.

Hence, Salvation, or accepting Christ as our Personal Lord and Savior is not all Christianity is about. It’s the first stage. It’s accepting the seed of God into our lives. This seed needs to grow, thrive, and blossom. And it’s our responsibility to do that. Paul puts it this way; work out your salvation with fear and trembling (Phil. 2:12).

I think a day is coming when every Christian would decide who they want to be. We all have a say in what grows in the field of our minds/bodies. We have a say if the weeds that have entwined themselves to the soil would continue to blossom, or we let the seed of God that the land is meant for in the first instance thrive in a foreign and hostile environment. It’s our choice. But it’s high time we wake up from our slumber and realize that having the seed isn’t enough. There’s a need to deal with the weeds if we want the seed planted to grow in the first instance.