The Real and Present state of Humanity.


I believe that the doctrine of “Original Sin” has been misinterpreted and perverted in the service of the ego. Most people who subscribe to the notion of Original sin see themselves as inherently evil, terrible, or self-centered, which I believe is wrong.

There is another doctrine similar to this albeit not popular, which is the doctrine of Original goodness. This doctrine states that we are inherently good and perfect. I agree with this. However, a sole focus on this concept of Original goodness will almost certainly lead us to take the present state of humanity lightly. A focus on Original goodness alone tends to make us or the ego feel good about ourselves while failing to address the real problem of the present state of humanity.

My opinion is that both original goodness and original sins are right when appropriately understood. A focus on either alone will lead people to error. How do I mean?

Original Goodness: The real state of Humanity.
The actual state of humanity, or who we truly are is kind, pure, amazing, selfless, and in the exact image and likeness of God. This, I believe, is at the heart of the doctrine of Original goodness. We were from the foundation of the earth, or creation perfect. We are nothing short of being God. That’s who we are.

The first chapter of Genesis wrote how God made man in his image and likeness. In other words, humanity at first was God. We lived in perfect altruism with all creatures. Nothing was wrong, and all was perfect. Understanding this truth is essential for those who have the desire to embark on the right Spiritual path.

The real state of humanity is also used theologically as the Christ nature. Although it’s not directly called the Christ nature in the Bible or most Christian circles, it’s though referred to as the aim of all Christians; to be like Christ. With that said, is it possible to be who we are incapable of becoming? Can we become anything short of what we can do? To be transformed into the essence of the nature of Christ is to be who we truly are. The real us. The summary is this: the actual state of humanity is Originally perfect.

“Original Sin”: The present state of Humanity.
The truth is that our real state is pure, perfect, loving, and God-like. There was nothing else that could have made us better. We were complete and excellent in all ramifications. Our real nature is in flawless altruism with the world and everything that exists.

However, something went wrong. We no longer identify with who we truly are, but with something else that’s not the real us.

Our present nature is at the heart of the doctrine of Original sin. The author wrote that Jesus didn’t believe in “Original sin,” and I agree with that. Even I don’t subscribe to how this concept is explained in most religious circles today. 

Although Jesus didn’t believe in that concept, He did realize the problem with the present state of humanity. He recognized that humanity is lost, and there’s a need to bring them back to the reality of who they truly are.

This present state of humanity can be easily recognized in the life of a little child. So it’s not wrong, it’s just the reality. This current state of humanity is self-centered and self-absorbed. The problem we have today is that we now identify with the ego and the fruits of the ego. The ego that most humans think they are tries to find identity in all things except itself. It finds identity in family, in the home, in a job, social status, material possessions, power, etc.

The Bottom line is this; we are not who we think we are.
How does the belief in the original sin alone serve the purpose of self-centered Religious leaders?

Most explanations of the original sin have equated our real nature to that of Sin, which is wrong. I agree that sin is a problem, but that’s not who we truly are. It’s important to distinguish between who we are, and who we think we are.

A person that identifies with the present state of humanity as themselves will be prey in the hands of the wicked ones. When we see ourselves as an anomaly or a virus that needs to be purged or cured, we’ll do all we can to figure out how to get rid of this. But the truth is that we are not who we think we are. Trying to cure something we are not even doesn’t make any sense. It’s a futile endeavor.

However, when we open our eyes to see that we are intrinsically good, beautiful, excellent, and perfect. When we realize that we are inherently a God, then the focus changes. We begin to work towards making who we are into a reality. We try to figure where we went wrong, and the path to rediscovering our real identity. And when we seek help from others, we aren’t doing that to find a cure for sin, but to come to the full stature of who we are. 

The real purpose of Spiritual leaders is to show others the way to be who they are. They ought to be those who have become actualized this reality or are committed to walking the path to enlightenment/ of becoming Christ. They ought not to be people who stand as the mouthpiece of God unto others when the reality is that these same others are God’s such as themselves.

I believe that the goal of a real Spiritual endeavor is to come into the full awareness and reality of who we are, which is; “Original goodness” and not “Original Sin.” I’ll even remove Original from Sin because there’s nothing original about sin. Sin is Sin. But there’s something authentic and pure in who we truly are.