Praying with a heart of Altruism.


There is a church close to where I live, that’s well known for their warfare kind of prayer. It’s not uncommon to heart them pray out loud for the destruction of the enemies of their progress. And the reality is that it’s not limited to them alone. 

Most people want the very best of life for themselves, as well as their loved ones. The intention to enjoy life as peaceful as we can isn’t wrong in itself, how we go about fulfilling our aims says a lot about who we are.

With that said, I believe that all prayers are answered. Either those uttered through the heart of meditation, or those spoken with words. I surmise that there is power in the words we say, and I’m most careful of what I speak.

Isa. 55:10, 11 tells us about how the word of God will not return to Him void but shall accomplish its goal. Many Christians attribute this to “God” alone without realizing that the same is true for themselves. We’ve got to be careful of the words we say.

One of the most common types of prayer most Christians here pray is that of warfare. And in war, it’s kill or be killed. Destroy or be destroyed. Warfare has always been about the ego seeking supremacy. When we pray with a heart set on war, we assume (rightly or wrongly) that someone else, or something else is the cause of our unsatisfactory lives. And with this assumption, whatever causes our unsatisfactory lives has to be dealt with so that we can have our peace.

Although, the actions of others could negatively affect us, however, we are more often than not the architect of our respective unsatisfactory lives. Praying against all principalities and powers, or people or Spirits that are hindering our prosperity doesn’t take themselves into account. However, the Spirit within us knows and sees the truth more clearly than our respective egos could ever conceive. Many people wrongly seek the destructions of themselves in prayer, albeit unintentionally.

And when we pray those kinds of negating prayers, we put ourselves in further perils than when we utter no words at all. The lives of most people will have been a lot better if they do not attempt to pray than pray with words that lack knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. The lives of most people will take a turn for the good if they decide to take responsibilities for their lives alone without even attempting to “pray.”

When we pray with a heart of purity; a heart that’s intentional about knowing the truth, and filled with love for all living things, we won’t miss it in the place of prayer. With superior seeing, we’ll realize that who we think we are is the most significant cause of our unsatisfactory human lives.

When we perceive things the right way, we’ll realize that all forms of war only serves the ego, and we are not our ego’s.

I admonish us to set our hearts on the path of truth. I implore us to desire spiritual growth so that we’ll get to know who we truly are, and be who we are always meant to be rather than who we think we are.