Adam and Eve; A figurative perspective.


As I was studying the first few chapters of the book of Genesis once again, I had a different realization from what’s popular in the Christian community.

The story of what happened in the garden of Eden between the supposed father and mother of humanity according to the Jewish tradition has been interpreted in different ways. Christians and Jews believe that the human population started from these two while some think otherwise. However, I’ve come to realize that most writings in the Bible are pointers to another truth. When we interpret them literally, we get a perspective that works for us. Having a symbolic perspective doesn’t mean we are wrong either way. And let’s see the story of Adam and Eve from a different perspective which cuts across all of humanity today.

Adam and Eve: Biblical Representations of Spirituality and Religion.

The bible recorded that when God created Adam; He was formed in the image and likeness of God. He had a personal relationship with God, and everything he did here on earth was according to the mind of God. He was one with God and had a constant connection with God. He was the one God gave instructions regarding the forbidden fruit. The Biblical definition of what it means to be Spiritual is when we are one with God, and that’s open for interpretation.

One key attribute of a Spiritually minded person as explained in Christianity is their close relationship with God. They are connected to the heart of God and knows what God thinks per time. That’s part of the hallmarks of Spirituality. They are the embodiment of the truth which is God.

Adam is such a person. He knew God personally, and therefore, can be said to be a Spiritually minded person because of the connection he had with God continually.

However, when we move further to Eve, we realize a woman who didn’t have a personal relationship with God but rather with her husband. Nowhere in the bible was it recorded that God had a relationship with Eve. The only place we seem to come across this fact was after the fall, and this is where God proclaimed judgment on the parties involved. Hence, all Eve knew about God and his commandments regarding the fruit was what he heard from Adam.

Religion at its primary level can be said to be the belief in someone else’s experience ~ Deepak Chopra.

All religions of the world work in this way; There’s usually a Spiritual master that’s either more advanced than the rest or claims to be more advanced than the rest and are typically distinguished by their ranks and teaches or instructs the followers that are not.

The limitations of Religion.

The devil in the story knew that it’s virtually impossible to deceive Adam. I don’t believe it’s because of the gender of Adam as its widely said among Christian circles but rather because of his spiritual state. It’s difficult to deceive someone who is an embodiment of the truth; who knows the truth and understands why it’s true.

However, it is possible to lead a religious fellow whose understanding of the truth is based on someone else’s account into deception. Once they are exposed to a higher level of knowledge; they can reject a truth they once claim to believe.

This level of knowledge that’s prevalent in religion is malleable. When our understanding of the truth is based on what a religious book has said or on a Spiritual leader’s account, we’ve opened ourselves to the possibility of deception. And this can be achieved when we are exposed to another dimension of the truth that’s more believable than what we’ve heard in the first instance. Then we question what we’ve known, heard, or thought to be true.

However, we have religious zealots that show unwavering commitment to their religion. And Alan Watts perfectly describes this in his book via this statement; “Irrevocable commitment to any religion is not only intellectual suicide; it is positive unfaith because it closes the mind to any new vision of the world. Faith is, above all, openness – an act of trust in the unknown.”

How Religion won over Spirituality.

Eve saw another dimension of the truth that she believes to be right. After all, the only way to prove that you believe in something is by acting on it. Faith without works, James said, is dead. Her belief in the new information led to her decision to give unto Adam what God has commanded him not to eat.

Genuine Spiritual people rarely act; however, religion requires you to take actions on what you believe to be true. How do I mean? A spiritually minded person is free from the temptation to prove that they are right, while it’s a necessity to all religions to demonstrate the strength of your faith.

Eve could win because she has more to prove to herself that she’s right. History has taught us about the length’s humans would go to show that their religion is right. The desire to be right is stronger in a religiously minded person than a Spiritual person, and there’s no way religion would fail. After all, how do you defeat a person who never gives up?

A Hope for Spirituality.

Adam represents a Spiritual person who fell to the trap of religion. Eve represents an easily malleable religion.

Although religion desires to take the role of Spirituality, it can never win. Try as it may with all its stubbornness to prove itself right; it’s doomed to submit to Spirituality sooner or later.

Christianity believes that Jesus Christ came to usher us back into a personal relationship with God; in other words, to save us from the bondage of religion unto Spirituality. One of the reasons Jesus Christ came to this world is to prove to humanity that there is a better way and that we all can have access to God and not rely on any human authority to tell us what is true or not. He came to set us free.

Sadly, such a liberation fell unto the hands of religion and rather than setting people free; it became a greater incentive to keep them in bondage. However, there is hope for a tree if it is cut down, it will sprout again, and its tender shoots will not fail. If its roots grow old in the soil and its stump dies in the soil, but at the scent of water it will bud and put forth twigs like a sapling. (Job 14:17-19). We are in a new age of reawakening. The journey to Spirituality is a long but achievable one.

Religion’s hold on humanity is gradually diminishing. Sadly, rather than getting replaced by Spirituality, we are only experiencing another form of worship.

You attain Spirituality, while religion can only be birth. So, if we choose to see the curse placed on the woman from another perspective, we could say that at the appointed time, religion will birth another that would attain Spirituality and knock the head of the serpent.

The serpent represents deception in all its forms. Religion has done it’s best to rid the world of deception but the harder it tries, the more it digs itself into a bottomless pit of deception. But I choose to believe that one day, as we are having in this world today; we’ll have a generation of people who will walk in full Spiritual maturity on earth.