A rethink on what Christ means.


Peter confessed that Jesus is the Christ. However, what does Christ means? Christ means the anointed one. It also means the Messiah in Hebrew.

Why did Christ come to this world? Or why did Jesus come to this world? Jesus came to save his people from their sins. How could Jesus accomplish this? Did he do this as a man? No. The attribute of him that accomplished this task was the Christ nature/ the nature of God/ A consciousness that’s not of the ego.

When we say, He came to save his people from their Sin. What sin is been referred to? What sin requires a new nature to overcome? The Ego/ or human Nature/Self-centeredness is Sin. This is the fountain of all we see in the world today, both good and bad. And to be free from this nature, one has to be born again, or in other words, born of a new Spirit/consciousness/ Nature which is of Christ/ God.

How was Jesus accomplish this daunting task of salvation?

Jesus was able to achieve this because he was Christ. And when I say Jesus was or is the Christ; I mean He was anointed to accomplish this task. What is the proof of the anointing, or what does it mean to be anointed? Or what does the Christ anointing means?

When we say, Christ means the anointed one. The anointing referred is different from other forms of anointing. This anointing isn’t by the oil poured down on one’s head, but rather by the Spirit. He had a different nature/Spirit, which isn’t of man but instead of God. He could save his people from their “sins” because He had the nature of God and not of Man. The sin, or what made man missed the mark was their nature/self-centered consciousness, and only a new consciousness could deliver one from the old consciousness. Hence, Christ represents a God kind of nature, which is the antidote to the egoistic consciousness, and Jesus the Christ is the embodiment of this consciousness. If I Samuel, had this same nature, and consciousness of God rule over my mortal body, then I’ll be Christ. In order words, Christ represents an essence/ nature, and it’s not something easy to achieve. It’s one thing to believe in this nature, and it’s another thing to be a carrier of this nature every moment of our being.

Hence, Salvation has nothing to do with the “man Jesus,” but rather what He represents. It’s the essence/nature of Christ he carries that can save. It’s not a name but the essence/nature. So, when we say we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, and you shall be saved. This is true, but it’s essential that we ascertain from which sensation we are saying the word, Jesus Christ. Are we talking from an impression of a man called Jesus or from the Nature of Christ of the man called Jesus? The essence/nature is what saves, not the label, not even the man. The man could do nothing of himself, except that which the Father (in the new nature/consciousness) asks him to. The man called Jesus was led by the nature of God and not of Man. The essence of Christ saves.

So, in accepting Christ; we are receiving a Nature, or that’s what it’s supposed to be. When we receive this new nature, we ought to live by the dictates of that Nature. I think where Christianity missed it today is that this Nature doesn’t come from the outside, but instead flows from the inside, nurtured, till it’s fully matured. 

How do I mean? The gift of the Holy Spirit is taught in most churches as received via impartation. Someone with the Spirit imparts that Spirit into he who doesn’t have the Spirit. If this were how it’s done, why then are we still struggling with peace and the fruits of the Spirit? Why isn’t our lives automatically transformed when we receive the gift of the Spirit? The fact that there’s no instant transformation doesn’t mean transformation isn’t possible. It is possible, just not the way we think it ought to be. Even the Jews with all the prophecies about Jesus failed woefully in their interpretation of how the prophecy concerning Jesus would be fulfilled. What’s to say that our interpretations isn’t wrong?

Christianity has portrayed Christ in an idolatry way; as a deity that has to be worshiped, rather than an essence that has to be nurtured and allowed to grow and dominate our self-centered nature. We seek for answers on the outside when the Kingdom/ the essence of life/ The Nature that births good virtues is already on our inside, and our Sinful nature is oblivious to its reality. We couldn’t see this truth because our Sinful nature has made us blind.