About Beacon of Hope

While Paul was admonishing the congregation in his second epistle to the Corinthian church, he opened the eyes of the church members to a more profound revelation behind their troubles and hardship. He helped them understand that God comforted them so that they may be a beacon of comfort unto others.

Hidden in the first few verses is a principle that’s woven itself in the fabric of humanity. It’s a three-step principle through which anything either good or bad is spread across humanity.

Source ——————-> Receiver (First step humans) —————> (Other humans).

Abraham Lincoln once said that “No man was to be eulogized for what he did, or censured for what he did or did not do. All of us are the children of conditions, of circumstances, of environment, of education, of acquired habits and heredity; molding men as they are and will forever be.”

Depending on the yardstick in human experience, we all fall to the second or third category. Everything we know is as a result of a revelation or learning, and what we do not know is as a result of lack thereof.

I took on the name Beacon of Hope because, at one point in my life, I had the privilege to be comforted by God, and subsequently revealed the truth to others in similar situations. I was a carrier of hope unto others.

My understanding is much bigger than just hope, but I chose to stick to the foundation. We all are Beacon of “hope” in one area or the other. If we choose to keep our hearts open to learning, we are a source of inspiration unto others.